5 Pesticide Myths

  1. Pesticides don’t really cause all the problems people talk about. I have been exposed for years, and I am fine. Some people may never experience any harm from working with pesticides. Others, however, may get sick even from low doses of pesticides. Young children or fetuses may be at greatest risk. Reducing the amount of pesticides that enter your home may improve the health of your children.
  2. You are safe if you experience no symptoms after 24 hours of exposure to pesticides. You may see the effects of pesticides months, even years after exposure, so it is important to reduce the amount of exposure that you and your family have.
  3. We should wait to protect ourselves from pesticides until we know for sure the health effects. It may be years before we really know the full effects pesticides have on our health. Once we do know, it may be too late to reverse the effects, so it is important to protect ourselves now.
  4. Protecting ourselves from pesticides is uncomfortable. Years ago, many workers did not wear protective equipment when working with pesticides in the fields. However, much research suggests that protective equipment should be worn. This equipment helps reduce the amount of pesticides that enter our bodies and homes. It is worth a little discomfort to protect you and your family.
  5. The health symptoms that agricultural workers experience are due to heat stress or heat exhaustion. Some workers may feel sick after working in the sun; some may even experience heat stress or heat exhaustion. Pesticide exposure also can make people feel sick. Because heat and pesticide symptoms can be similar, it is hard for most of us to tell the difference. That is why it is important for a doctor to make this diagnosis