Sometimes going green is as simple as changing brands.

Nearly everyone wipes, every day. They wipe something: Playful Pets, Dirty Kids, Messy Counters and lots and lots of tushys both big and small. What if you could make a difference to the planet and the future of it simply by changing the brand of toilet paper or paper towels you are using. 

As one of of the ways we Choose To Be Green, we made the switch to Better Plant toilet paper and paper towels. We have tried other eco friendly paper products like these in the past, but were not happy with them. They were too thin, or “pilled” up when using them, and not one likes leaving the rest room with “pilled” up toilet paper in there pants. 

We are really happy with the quality of the toilet paper and do not have the “pillage” issue. As for the paper towels, they are super strong and absorbent. We were surprise in how few paper towels it took to clean off our patio table. In the past it has taken more than twice as many. As a review of Better Planet paper, we strongly endorse them and have become co-op members with them and urge all friends and family to do so as well. 

Challenge: Irresponsible, Irreversible Paper Consumption

According to National Geographic, 270,000 trees a day are “dumped into facilities or flushed,” toilet paper alone accounting for more than 27,000 trees a day. Better Planet can reverse that.
Every day more than 100,000 acres of trees are destroyed.
More than 68 million trees are consumed in the US alone to make paper products.
The US is the world’s biggest consumer of paper products. US consumption of paper products has increased to 208 million tons, and growing 2-3% each year.
Every American consumes more than 500 pounds of paper, spending nearly $400 each year.
Of the global wood harvest, 42% goes to the production of paper products. We can slow it down.

Solution: BETTER PLANET = Responsible, Renewable Consumption

By providing home delivery of competitively priced biodegradable paper products that contribute to reforestation, BETTER PLANET provides consumers an economical and convenient opportunity to become part of the solution through responsible consumption.

Beginning with an essential paper product Americans use every day—toilet paper and paper towels. 

For each order Better Planet, plant 1-20 trees in the National or State parks here in America. So many Win Wins with this company!

We urge you to give it a try.